Ombre Cake – Have You Eaten? Baking Club – September 2013 Challenge

Tuesday, 3 Sep 13


She nibbles on his hair.

“If you eat me, do you think that will mean I’ll lose weight?”

She pauses.

“Well…your brain uses a whole lot of energy…so technically, if I eat your brain, you’d be using less energy. So you’d gain weight.”


So thewayitcrumbles household has been full of calorie and kilojoule and what-do-you-mean-I-have-to-run-for-that-long talk recently. It has been eye-opening. Not only did I not realise I wasn’t eating breakfast/dairy/fruits for days on end, but I hadn’t realised quite how many excuses I had for things not counting in the daily calorie count.

For example, it doesn’t count if -

  • it’s vegetable or fruit based
  • it’s vegetable or fruit coloured
  • it’s vegetable or fruit flavoured
  • (chocolate is a fruit, right?)


And there are ways of preparing food to reduce the calories -

  •  I cut it in half, it only counts for half
  • If I poke a hole in it, the calories fall out
  • It comes from someone else’s plate, it doesn’t count
  • If it’s pretty, it doesn’t count
  • If I’m ‘just tasting it’ to make sure it’s delicious, it doesn’t count

Needless to say, there was much tasting along the way as I made this ombre cake. Whimsy (or procrastination tendencies) had struck me to join Billy Law’s monthly baking club, and I couldn’t resist the prettiness of the inaugural challenge.


The recipe was pretty straight forward to make. I halved the recipe to fit my 4 mini-springform pans for miniature cuteness (cute makes it less calorific too), and substituted lychee liqueur for the vanilla. If you’re interested to know how I got the reverse ombre effect in the centre, it was pretty straight forward – once baked and cooled, use a round cutter to take out the middle of each piece, and replace it with a cut-out from the opposite shade of colour (i.e. lightest swapped with darkest).


It’s not the prettiest of cakes I’ve seen, but as far as structure goes, at least the layers weren’t sliding off each other as other multi-layered cake attempts have gone in the past. And the best thing?


Well. It’s lychee flavoured. And cute. And pretty. So it doesn’t count.

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